Staying Safe in the Hospital. Medical Safeguarding Vulnerable Patients

With Genia Stephen

Co-hosted by Community Living Ontario &

Good Things In Life


"Government and service system responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted that people with disabilities are at risk of receiving no treatment, inadequate treatment or poor treatment without direct and personal advocacy. Hospital admission presents challenges to quality medical care for people with disabilities. Personal care, communication, support and advocacy are essential to maximizing health outcomes. Discrimination and misunderstanding about quality of life measures are threats to the lives of disabled patients requiring intervention and protection by loved ones and allies. This workshop introduces a framework and strategies for being an effective medical advocate for people with disabilities who require inpatient hospital care. "

GENIA STEPHEN, Founder of Good Things in Life

In this free live workshop



How to craft a compelling argument for family presence at the bedside.

Prepare a written argument before you need it using language and rationale that the hospital understands and respects. 



How to be an effective medical advocate at the bedside.

Understand how to maximize the positive impact of your medical advocacy.



What you can do if you are not allowed to stay. 

Suggestions for continued medical advocacy in the event that a patient with an intellectual impairment is left alone in the hospital.  


Who is Genia Stephen?

Genia Stephen helps kids with intellectual disabilities build inclusive lives at home, at school and in the community. She is the founder and host of the Good Things In Life For Kids With Disabilities Podcast and manages a community of parents of children with disabilities. 

Having a younger sister and son with disabilities and medical complexities led her to a lifetime of training in the disability field under premier thought leaders and mentors. With more than 11,000 downloads, her podcast now gives other parents access to her world-class disability parenting education, complete with courses and membership. She is a practicing midwife and medical advocate currently completing her MSc. in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford. 

Featured in Travel Without Limits Magazine and Community Living Ontario, Genia speaks about creating a positive vision for kids with disabilities, getting the good things in life through valued social roles and social capital, and medical safeguarding.

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