Work with your spouse and family to make 2020 the year you and your family deserve.

You’re an amazing parent and partner because you have the biggest dreams for your child.

These dreams, and your child, are absolutely precious. But sometimes it is hard to get your partner and other family members to sit down to talk, learn and plan with you. 

After decades of involvement with families of children with disabilities, it has become really clear that there are some essential first steps for helping you realize those big dreams for your kid:

  • Fitting in at school

  • Enjoying fulfilling hobbies 

  • Having sleepovers

  • Reaching their fullest potential

No, this isn’t another overwhelming process or complicated exercise. I know you’ve got enough on your plate being the amazing parent and partner you are.

And this isn't something you have to try and convince your spouse and other family members to sit down and study.

This guide contains easy conversational prompts that will help get everyone involved and clear about what you want for your son or daughter with a disability, and for your family, in 2020. 

To get a copy of this guide, simply click the button below, and I’ll have your back every step of the way from there.