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I get it.

Having access to people who share my vision of a positive life for my sister and my son, who understand what I'm up against, and who can provide me with effective, actionable guidance about how to help my loved ones with disabilities to build positive lives, has been life-changing for my family and me. 

I don't have all the answers.

Actually, most days I don't have any of the answers!

But I know the power of having a supportive community of people around me who can help me think it through over time. 

Getting to access the knowledge and expertise of people who really know their stuff (from the comfort of my laptop!),


a community of people I can get to know over time who can support me to implement this knowledge in the life of my loved ones


You are being offered this founding members rate because you registered for the Relationship Building In The Lives Of People With Disabilities Live Speaker Series with Al Condeluci and Janet Klees. 

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~ Genia Stephen