Your child's IEP should support inclusion.

A video series for parents.

Know your stuff, advocate with confidence and ensure your child has the supports they need to succeed.


IEPs are important!


But you already knew that! 

What you might not know (and what keeps you up at night!), is how to create an IEP that will ensure that your child is receiving all the supports they need to be safe and successful at school. 

In this FREE video series you'll:

>>   Become confident with the structure of an IEP.

>>   Understand how to use your child's IEP to promote inclusion.

>>   Gain clarity about supports that will lead to safety and success in the school. 

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You don't need to be an expert in special education to help your child get the support they need at school.

You DO need to be comfortable and confident advocating for an IEP that sets your child up for success.

This free video series features two inclusive education consultants who have helped hundreds of parents advocate for IEPs that are based on building on your child’s strengths, supporting their learning needs and keeping them included in general education.

After this, you will no longer be uncertain or overwhelmed when it comes to IEPs.

I'll send additional free resources to keep you moving towards your vision of a positive and inclusive life for your child. I’ve got your back! We are better when we are together.

~ GENIA STEPHEN, Parent & Founder of Good Things In Life

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