Building a home staff team that won't drive you (or your child) crazy.

With Faith Clarke


December 9th at 12pm EST

Special needs parenting can feel like an intense, 24/7, high anxiety experience, and getting the right help and support is crucial. Yet the task of finding the right people, orienting and training them, and then TRUSTING them can feel exhausting too! This webinar covers a few simple strategies for focussing on finding helpful helpers and creating the village you need around you and your child, without flirting with burnout.


In this masterclass you will learn...

Clarify the kind of support team you need and your role in it.

Decide on a strategy for recruiting the right help for your family.

Understand how to orient your team in ways that minimize turnover and maximize their engagement.


This is a must attend… A note from Genia

Can I tell you a secret that I'm not proud of?

I avoid finding new supporters (and organizing my tax receipts but that's a different story!). 

I find it frustrating, vulnerable, annoying and bewildering. 

Once I find someone, I have to orient and train them and I mostly feel incompetent, awkward and self-conscious.

This is not my zone of genius!

I am personally SO excited to learn from Faith about building a support team.

need this masterclass so that I can create some processes for hiring and training supporters for my sister and my son that help me feel safe and confident - and my loved ones feel supported and dignified.

Maybe you've got this all figured out. But if you are like me and wish you had a better handle on this then join Faith and I on December 9th. I know it will be a game changer! 

~ Genia Stephen, Founder of Good Things In Life and host of the Good Things In Life for Kids with Disabilities Podcast. 

About Faith…


Faith is a business strategist and inclusion specialist with a background in computer engineering, education and is completing doctoral studies in the psychology of new venture teams. She helps socially conscious businesses level up their productivity through their people and processes. Faith especially loves to do this with special needs family run businesses who create space for people with all abilities. Parenting Like a Ninja, an autism mom’s guide to professional productivity is an amazon bestseller and reflects her own journey with the crazy chaos of special needs parenting, and the need to harness energy and be productive. Faith believes entrepreneurship is a perfect, mental and psychological health choice for many special needs parents. It offers the opportunity to do business differently while creating more of what our communities need.