The world is quickly learning what people with disabilities have known for a long time. 

Our relationships and connections with people are key to our safety, happiness and opportunities in life.

School, business and recreation shutdowns in response to the pandemic are key to keeping our family and community safe but make it hard to build and sustain our relationships. 

The Stay Connected Challenge offers resources and suggestions for supporting people with disabilities to get and stay connected during physical distancing measures.

Connections and relationships have never been more urgent.

Build a foundation for helping your child with a disability get and stay connected. 

You will learn:

✔️ How to build a context for relationship. 

✔️ What social capital is, why it matters and how to build it.

✔️ Get and stay connected with peers during school closures and physical distancing.

✔️ Be a light and leader in your community by creating connection with others.

✔️ Adding social capital to your child's IEP - stay focused on what matters most when kids go back to school.


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Genia Stephen

Kids with disabilities have always been at risk for isolation and loneliness. We understand how it feels and how devastating it can be.

Right now, the whole world is learning what we already know... Getting and staying connected matters.

I'm Genia. I'm a parent and a sister to awesome people with disabilities. I've spent my life learning from thought leaders and mentors about supporting people with disabilities to build inclusive, fulfilling lives - including relationships and a sense of belonging. I'm committed to making sure that you have that same opportunity.

We are all better together. Good Things In Life is a community for families who share a vision of a positive life for their kids with disabilities and their families. Welcome to the community.