Creating a positive student experience for Maggie using role theory. 

August 7, 2019 at 12pm & 7pm EST

~ with Erin Sheldon, MEd.

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At This Live, Interactive Masterclass



How understanding the student role creates an actionable, effective strategy for helping someone belong

in school and in other areas of life. Role theory is powerful, effective and practical.


How one parent has used the role of student to guide the choices she made about educational programs, adapted curriculum and literacy interventions.

You too can use the role of student to help you make decisions about the education of students with disabilities.


How role theory helps a parent be a better advocate and more effective school team member.

Move from overwhelm and uncertainty to constructive clarity. 


How role theory can help students to be accepted for who they are and be a successful student. 

Role theory isn't a cookie cutter that tries to shove people into a mould or try to change them in order to make them fit in. Applying role theory is a practical, actionable, effective strategy for helping people with disabilities be accepted for who they are and be successful in their community. 

"Erin helps us to understand how people with disabilities can have good, full lives in community regardless of their degree of their disability. You don't have to wait for some perfect moment when everyone is on board and everything is going well. Start now!"

GENIA STEPHEN, Founder of Good Things in Life

School matters. It shapes our children's lives...

That is why parents and educators try so hard to get it right!

That is why this masterclass by Erin Sheldon, M.Ed., about how she used her understanding of the role of student to help her daughter with a disability be accepted for who she is and be a successful student is so important!

When you understand the role of student then you can help students with disabilities to reach their potential in their community classroom and be accepted for who they are by their peers.

This actionable, effective strategy can be used by any parent or educator concerned with inclusion to maximize the impact of their efforts. 

It isn't always easy. But some of it isn't that hard either. Erin and Maggie's story will help you see what is possible. 


A Note From Erin...

Focusing on the role of “student” has allowed me to understand my daughter Maggie in my more complex ways. It has changed my priorities and made me a more effective advocate.

Understanding the role of student has meant that, as her mother, I can work with school teams and in our home to maximize Maggie being accepted for who she is as an individual and as a student. This created authentic opportunities for friendship and a more meaningful education. In this presentation, I will explain what and how I implemented role theory in supporting Maggie to be a successful student in her community school.


Erin Sheldon earned her graduate degree studying the educational needs of students with Angelman syndrome (AS). Erin conducts professional development workshops and webinars for educators and therapists on the assistive technology, communication, and literacy needs of students with significant disabilities, including AS. She has published journal articles, book chapters, and manuals for educators. Erin is the CEO of Integration Action for Inclusion, Ontario’s parent association for school inclusion. Erin is the mother of Maggie, a 16 year old with deletion-positive Angelman. She works for Assistiveware, a software company focused on creating communication technologies. 


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