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If you could help your child with a disability make more of their own decisions, communicate their needs more specifically, and have a fulfilling and secure life in the long term…

Without having to try out more expert-recommended tools that are impossible to implement or having to figure it out on your own…

Would you finally feel confident enough to create and implement a plan to enrich your child’s life by building relationships with people beyond your family and becoming a part of your community?

Learn how to effectively create opportunities and maximize potential. Work differently not harder.



Effective, research-based strategies for parents supporting kids with disabilities to build good, inclusive lives.

Belonging In School

The what, why & how of inclusive education with Marilyn Dolmage, MSW.

The Inclusion Academy starts here.

Core Concepts

Evidence-informed ideas to support people with disabilities to build good, inclusive lives in community. 

Life Time Access

Missed the live presentation? Watch when it works for you. 


The hive mind can help. Work through ideas and implementation strategies with a community of people who share your vision, your goals and your struggles. 


This bonus package will change quickly!
Time sensitive and limited one to one spots available. 

  • Members-only, live, online meeting with Al Condeluci on April 19th.
  • Free Access to Medical Safeguarding Workshop
  • Free Access to The What, Why & How of Inclusive Education.
  • IEP Feedback Group Co-Working Session
  • Tech Dependant Kids & Inclusion: Principles and private review of your child's personal plan.
  • Creating Curriculum-Based IEP Goals with Erin Sheldon, MSc.
  • Steps to Understanding Your School System: Eligibility & Appeals

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"My son is 26. His long term future weighs on my mind. I’m feeling a lot of pressure to figure it all out.

So much of what we did when he was younger was not worth our time.

The Inclusion Academy is a backstage pass to an incredible array of experts. 

I’ve had lots of “help” over the years in the form of unimplementable tools without a solid foundation as to why .  Good Things in Life goes deep on the “why’s” and helps me figure out what I think and that give me a starting place and inspiration to move ahead. 

One of the things we need to do is to help my son improve his ability to make and communicate  decisions. Erin Sheldon from Integration Action For Inclusion presented on decision making. It helped me understand how I could be doing more in this area and come up with ideas about how to help him expand his choices.  I started implementing them and we are seeing him express more varied requests about what he wants to do and what he wants us to do.  I believe that this emerging capability has helped him particularly during a recent difficult time - he was able to identify his needs more specifically and make many requests of me that I think helped him be less frustrated.   

I’m feeling more confident that I will create and implement a plan for my son that gives him a fulfilling and secure life for the long term."


You already know that when we create special places for special people, away from the general society, people are less likely to reach their potential, to build relationships and find a place of belonging. But we also know that navigating the school system and community opportunities can be confusing. Everyone has an opinion. And there are many pressures. 



that can make this journey easier.

  • Research supports inclusive education as the absolutely best education for all students.

    If someone is suggesting that your child might benefit from special programming outside of a regular class in their neighbourhood school then there is a problem. The research has been around for decades and consistently shows that all kids benefit from inclusive education. 
  • No student is too disabled for inclusive education.

    You might be thinking, "yes, but my child/student has behaviour issues or is severely disabled and needs special services. It it true that some kids will have behaviours and some kids will require intensive supports compared to other students. Both of those issues are reasons why kids should have every opportunity to have diverse role models, access to curriculum and the opportunity for friendships with all the kids in their community. 
  • Being clear about what inclusive education is can help you be an effective member of the school team.

    When you are crystal clear on what inclusion looks like and what it doesn't, then you are able to contribute to the school team, advocate for the child, and creatively explore helpful and innovative solutions without deviating from your vision of an inclusive life. 
  • You don't have to get a teaching degree. But you do need to know what you are talking about. 

    Most schools are full of qualified dedicated educators with many years of higher education. You don't need to become one of them. But most teachers did not get a high quality education in what inclusive education is, why it is the absolute best form of education and how to implement it in their classrooms. That is where you come in. You will have to understand all of these things in order to effectively advocate for the child and support the efforts of the school to maximize student success. Maybe someday this won't be required. But that day is not today. 
  • Children develop over time and so can you.

    Here I am telling you that things might not go so well at school all the time and that you will need to know your stuff. You might be feeling a little like throwing up your arms. Does anyone seriously expect that you can become some kind of inclusive education expert? Yes. You totally can. Think of ALL of the things about parenting and teaching your child with a disability that you have already figured out. It didn't happen overnight. You are still growing as a parent and educator and advocate. It is easiest when someone walks you through it. That is exactly what this is all about. Effective, efficient learning within a community of supportive parents and experts who can help you get from point A to B with as little time, frustration, worry and angst as possible. 

"...ideas which inspire and help us all to support our family members with disabilities..."

Genia, founder of Good Things In Life, has always been a visionary leader and a strong advocate for people who are vulnerable and marginalized - especially people with disabilities.  Genia has a big vision of a society where all people (including people with disabilities) will have access to the good things in life. I am delighted that Genia is offering this program through Good Things in Life. I know that she will offer many interesting ideas which inspire and help us all to support our family members with disabilities to have access to the things that make life good."


"Genia has this amazing way of breaking down concepts to help me understand them better.

More times that I can count, Good Things in Life has given me inspiration, encouragement and concrete ideas on how to ensure my child has all the good things in life! I feel confident that this is enriching, not just to parents, but to anyone who wants to live in a world where people of all abilities are supported. If you are feeling stuck, if you are feeling like you know there must be more that you can do to help people with disabilities to have an inclusive life, take this program."

The Inclusion Academy

Learn, problem-solve over time and build community with others working on the same vision.

We will start with a three module foundations course called "Belonging In School. The what, why, and how of inclusive education." 

Then the real work begins!

Good Things in Life members have access to information, ideas and leaders who help figure out the day-to-day challenges of supporting a child with a disability to build a good life in community.

Membership Highlights:

  • Monthly presentations from experts on supporting people with disabilities to build good lives in community - in school and beyond. 
  • Live, interactive Q&A's with monthly expert presenters.
  • Members-only community
  • Opportunities for local or interest-specific working groups and networks. 
  • Unlimited access to Good Things in Life's live presentation video archives.

Pay Monthly

Enrollment fee of $97 &

Monthly Payments of

$24 USD

That's only $0.80 per day! 



Pay Annually 

Enrollment fee of $97 &

Annual payment of 

$264 USD

Best value! One month free. 


Burning Q's that your fellow parents and educators asked before grabbing their access...

Friend, I hear you! Your time is precious. 

The program is designed with this exact challenge in mind. The content is delivered in live videos with replay available. You don't have to dedicate days at a time. Got 10 minutes? Then you can take a step forward. 

I've also made audio and slide deck downloads available. So you can listen to the content on your device while you drive, shop or prepare a meal. 

You will be able to easily work the collaboration into your every day social media time. No biggie!

Yup! You can pay monthly. It is less than a dollar a day.

I guarantee this is an investment that will pay off in the long run and I want to make sure that money isn’t a barrier.

Consider asking your local support organization, school or professional development department to cover the costs. 

There are a small number of grants available to cover the costs of enrolment.

Email me at [email protected] to ask about availability. They will likely be scooped up quickly!

I couldn’t agree with you more. Meeting and spending time with people in person offers connection and a depth of relationship that is not the same as what happens online.

In the Inclusionary Academy we will help you find people in your local community to connect with.

If you have the opportunity for local in-person learning and you are connected with local friends, supporters and mentors then maybe this program is not for you!

But if you feel isolated or if your community doesn’t offer opportunities to learn about supporting people with disabilities to build inclusive lives or if you just can’t coordinate the time and childcare it would require to attend in-person events then this program offers you excellent value.

Yes, my friend. I’ve got your back. There will be tech support available by email and a Facebook group where you can ask for help.

I’m also using a super user-friendly platform called Kajabi to host the course. It is really easy and their tech support is amazing.

If it comes right down to it and the tech makes you miserable then you have 14 days to ask for a refund. There is no value to you if it actually makes your life harder!

Isn’t that the worst?


The thing is, we all feel like that at times. Between the therapy, the SMART goals and the demands of daily life, I usually don't even come close. 

This program is designed to make your life easier - not harder. 

It will remove some of the brain fatigue you have from trying to figure it all out yourself. 

And it will give you solid resources and ongoing support so that no matter where you are in your journey, you can take the next small step whenever you are ready. 

You can send in questions in advance or ask at the time. The sessions will be recorded so if you can’t attend live you will still have access.

You will also have access to the Facebook group where you can (and should!) reach out to the hive mind to help you think things through or just ask for a simple clarification.

And then don't forget the Live Office Hours where you can ask your questions. 

Let me say this upfront.

Any time you spend focused on developing your vision for the life of a child with a disability and figuring out how to implement that vision is time well spent.

Heck, part of the reason I am offering this program is because I know that going through this process with others like you is going to offer insights and 'a ha!' moments that deepen my understanding and my ability to help my child have a good life.

But of course, you have to show up and do the work to see the results.

After 14 days, you will have received access to the first two modules of the course.

You will have had the opportunity to 'meet' others and see how this community might provide you support from people who understand your experience.

Meaning, you'll have an opportunity to confirm that this is right for you BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally confident that this program will benefit you and your efforts to help build good, inclusive lives, then simply reach out to me, show me that you've done the work, and I'll refund your investment.

Your time, energy and money are valuable.

Spend it only where it matters.

This is a journey. Not a destination.

Each week you will get access to new content at a manageable pace.

You will have access to the content while you remain a member. If you download the audio files and slide decks then you will have lifetime access to that content. We will continue to update the content in future programs.

Any small network groups that form will continue to be hosted by Good Things in Life as long as the group is active, useful to its members and conforming with the spirit and intention of the group.

We cannot wait to join you over the next weeks and months as we work together to support the kids we care about to build good, inclusive lives.  

I was lucky enough to have access to experts and thought leaders early in my life because I have a sister with a disability and decades of experience learning about Social Role Valorization and how to support people with disabilities to access the good things in life.

Now as a parent, this has given me the information and tools I need to help my son with a disability to have a rich inclusive school experience, be a member of community teams and to make friends. 

With a foundation in inclusive education and access to the Inclusionary Academy, now you have access to those experts and thought leaders as well.

Genia Stephen, 

Good Things In Life

Founder and Podcast Host

Pay Monthly

Enrollment fee of $97 &

Monthly Payments of

$24 USD

That's only $0.80 per day! 



Pay Annually 

Enrollment fee of $97 &

Annual payment of 

$264 USD

Best value! One month free. 


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