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How to influence your child's IEP

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In this masterclass you will learn...

How to focus on your child's strengths & gifts in their IEP.

The four areas of knowledge you need to be an effective parent advocate.

How to share your input before the IEP is written and sent home.

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I don’t know anyone who looks forward to IEPs.

One of the biggest frustrations as a parent is feeling like you know your child best and yet you have little influence over their IEP. 

Have you ever received a completed IEP?

Sent home in your child’s backpack?

No input from you? Or your input wasn't incorporated?

At that point, after the school team has put in all the work to create the document, it feels like it is too late to change it. Or, it feels like your input won’t be welcome. 

Don’t let that happen this year.   

This training gives you the tools and tactics you need to get ahead of this IEP season and have your concerns and perspectives addressed. 

This training is a must for you if...

✔️ Your child’s IEP is focused on their deficits not their strengths 

✔️ You are not consulted before the IEP is sent home completed

✔️ You feel like your concerns and priorities are not being addressed

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I’m just keeping it real here. 

My son’s IEP meetings have not always gone well. 

Like that time that someone from the board said, “well, its not like anyone expects him to learn how to read '' while trying to convince me that inclusion wasn’t going to be of benefit. 

The ugly tears and snot actually came in the parking lot after the meeting. 

The meeting was mostly thinly veiled rage on my part. Hands shaking. Desperately trying to keep it together and advocate for my adorable kindergartener. 

I was not a novice at IEP meetings even then. But I didn’t come prepared. The staff didn’t know me or my vision for my son. I didn’t know them or their lack of vision for my son. 

It was a recipe for disaster. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Since then I’ve employed a number of protective and proactive tactics for getting the school team on board with my vision. 

I’d love to share those tactics with you. 

What can I say… Anything to protect another parent from parking lot ugly crying. 

Choose a date and time that works for you!

Show up live, stay until the end and I’ll share the tool templates that I use when prepping for IEP season. 

~ Genia 

Who is Genia Stephen?

Genia Stephen helps kids with intellectual disabilities build inclusive lives at home, at school and in the community. She is the founder and host of the Good Things In Life For Kids With Disabilities Podcast and manages a community of parents of children with disabilities. 

Having a younger sister and son with disabilities and medical complexities led her to a lifetime of training in the disability field under premier thought leaders and mentors. With more than 35,000 downloads, her podcast now gives other parents access to her world-class disability parenting education, complete with courses and membership. She is a practicing midwife and medical advocate currently completing her MSc. in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford. 

Featured in Travel Without Limits Magazine and the Think Inclusive Podcast, endorsed by Inclusive Education Canada, Genia speaks about creating a positive vision for kids with disabilities, getting the good things in life through valued social roles and social capital, and medical safeguarding.

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