The Special Education Priorities Matrix.

Focus your efforts on what matters most without overwhelming your child, yourself and your school team.


In this masterclass you will learn...

Focus on THIS

The top 3 priorities in any child's education and especially for special needs students. When you make sure that these 3 goals are in your child's IEP you cannot go wrong. 

Do it HERE

Once you have identified the top 3 priorities in special education you need to make sure that they are addressed in 3 core areas of every child's learning community. 

Use the MATRIX

The Matrix is a simple tool you can use to measure the quality of any new idea. Evaluate whether a goal or intervention contributes to the 3 top priorities in the 3 core areas of school life. 


If you are a special needs parent then you might be asking yourself, "What is going to happen in September? Will my child be left behind?"

Whether your child is in school full time, experiencing some hybrid school/home model or being home schooled, the Special Education Priorities Matrix will help you focus on what will make the biggest positive difference in your child’s life and education.

“When leaders  invest precious energy in low-impact decisions, everyone pays a price.” Michael Hyatt

Parents and educators are key leaders in shaping the positive (or negative!) impact of education on a child's life. 

Are you investing precious energy in low-impact decisions?

I’m going to give you a tool that will let you: 

>> stop spinning your advocacy wheels

>> wasting your time and precious energy on details that don’t matter

>> set your own priorities instead of following the school's agenda

>> make sure that your child’s special education is focused on what matters for their happiness, growth and future success.

Join me for this free, live, online (COVID friendly!) masterclass on the Special Education Priorities Matrix. 


This masterclass is a must attend if...

>> You feel uncomfortable and unsure in school planning meetings because everything seems important. 

>> You are tired of feeling like there is something important missing in your child's education but you just aren't sure what to ask for.

>> You are passionate about inclusion and desperately wish that you had a concrete way to work with the school on inclusion and quality education. 

>> You are facing full or part-time home-schooling because of COVID-19 and are overwhelmed with the thought of trying to replicate school at home. 

A personal invitation from Genia...

Hi there!

When my son started school I had a list of goals longer than the board table in the school conference room.

I totally overwhelmed the school team and myself by wanting SO much. RIGHT now. And it all felt EQUALLY important.

There was a long road of trial and error and long trips down rabbit holes following the recommendations of random consultants… It was exhausting, stressful - and it was a waste of my son’s valuable time and learning potential.

Finally, I threw up my hands and decided we needed a better framework. A way to prioritize, focus, implement and improve. A way to make decisions when a new idea was proposed or a new transition was approaching.

Guess what? It worked. Applying the Special Education Priorities Matrix gave the school clarity of purpose. With clarity of purpose, they have focused their efforts and expertise. And low and behold! My son’s literacy, communication, math and social skills have all sky rocketed.

That’s what I want for you. Especially, if the COVID-19 pandemic means that are trying to figure out how to replicate school at home. Especially, if you struggle to communicate your priorities to the school team. Especially, if you have a hard time knowing what to prioritize and so you feel compelled to agree with anything the school tells you is best for your child.

I look forward to you live at the masterclass. Grab your seat and choose your date and time!