Your loved ones deserve the best care even in the worst times.

Medical Safeguarding of Vulnerable Patients




In less than two hours you will learn how to:

>>   Create a compelling rationale for family presence at the bedside.

>>   Be an effective advocate.

>>   Know exactly what to do when you are unable to be present.

In Medical Safeguarding of Vulnerable Patients

You will learn


How to craft a compelling argument for family presence at the bedside.

Prepare a written argument before you need it using language and rationale that the hospital understands and respects. 
✔️   Understand hospital rules and terminology so you can speak their language when crafting your rationale.
✔️   Tell your story to appeal to their human side.
✔️   Understand how to follow pandemic guidelines so that you are seen as a team member.
✔️   Learn about the hospital chain of command and how to and how not to use it.
✔️   Build a list of key allies who can help you.



How to be an effective medical advocate at the bedside.

What do you do once you are at the bedside? Understand how to maximize the positive impact of your medical advocacy.

✔️   Why Presence Matters
✔️   The power of Observation for preventing and dealing with dangers
✔️   Effective Questioning
✔️   Be a Public Relations Rep for the patient when they can't do it for themselves.
✔️   Provide care that will improve healing and recovery.
✔️   Strategies for being effective.



What you can do if you are not allowed to stay. 

If the hospital won't let you stay at the bedside or if you can't be there all of the time then there are still some strategies you can use to safeguard vulnerable patients. 

✔️   Suggestions for continued medical advocacy in the event that a patient with an intellectual impairment is left alone in the hospital.  



Julie, participant

Fantastic! Where can I get a copy the notes? I could not keep up with my own note- taking! Thank you so much, Genia!”

Shawn, participant & policy director

Genia, thanks again! My dad is currently in the hospital, and I was texting my mom advice while watching! ☺️

Carrie, Supporter & Palliative Care Consultant

I'm signing up for your course. You are a lifesaver. So glad I found out about you!

"I recently went to a webinar on safeguarding vulnerable people during this pandemic run by TASH. The presenters recommended your workshop as the best on the topic that they had seen and told people that it was a MUST to listen to. I vigorously agreed - the best I have heard on the topic."

Darcy Elks
Consultant, Educator, Parent

Covid 19 visiting restrictions have left many essential supporters locked out of hospitals while their loved one with a disability is admitted as a patient.

Unable to effectively communicate with health care staff without assistance, patients with disabilities are more vulnerable to trauma, medical error, worsened health outcomes and even death.

After taking the Medical Safeguarding course, it is clear that you need a personalized plan so that you can confidently:

👉🏾  Develop a compelling case for the presence of essential supporters at the bedside of vulnerable patients so that they have the skilled care, assistance, and advocacy that they need

👉🏾  Be an effective medical advocate once you are at the bedside through presence, observation, questioning, caring and public relations to avoid harm, feel well supported, heal and come home.

👉🏾  Prepare a strategic plan if you are prevented from providing bedside advocacy for building rapport with staff, keeping lines of communication open and supporting your loved one from a distance.

The course outlines WHAT to do. Now, it is time to take ACTION.

Here's how:

✅  Your Medical Safeguarding Workbook to guide you as you implement your advocacy plan.

✅  Additional trainings on effective medical safeguarding practices:

     ▷  Do Not Resuscitate & Full Code Orders

     ▷  Coordination of Advocates

     ▷  Preparing For Discharge.

✅  Course transcripts, slide decks  & audio files for easy access.

✅  Dedicated app with all of the course content so you have access during doctor's appointments and hospital admissions.

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Hi! I'm Genia Stephen. Nice to meet you!

I help kids with intellectual disabilities build inclusive lives at home, at school and in the community.

As the founder and host of the Good Things In Life For Kids With Disabilities Podcast and a community of parents of children with disabilities, I've been hearing from so many people who are worried about their loved one's safety in the hospital. 

I'm with you!

I have a sister and son with disabilities and medical complexities and this has led me to a lifetime of training in the disability field under premier thought leaders and mentors. I work in the health system as a clinical midwife and medical advocate. I'm currently completing her MSc. in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford. 

The health, safety and success of people with disabilities is my passion.

This free medical safeguarding course boils down my years of learning and experience so you can be an effective medical advocate TODAY. 


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